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"Spinning Wheel"


The wheel is a place you can buy tickets to gamble. Upgrading your "luck" Stats will help your chances of winning something. Each in-game day, the Daily Prize, Daily Winnings and Jackpot will update to something new. Once you win the "Daily Winnings" for the day, you will not be able to win it again, instead you will win a Lucky Ticket or Premium Ticket. There are four spots on the wheel.

  • Jackpot

You win the jackpot prize:
•Anywhere from 250-600 coins

  • Daily Winnings

You win the daily winnings.
Possible winnings:
•Anywhere from 20-80 coins
Lucky Ticket
Premium Ticket

  • Daily Prize

You win the daily prize.
Possible Prizes:
Sleeper Hat
Sleeper Lantern
Sleeper Blade
Summer Hat
Wheat Stalk
Santa Hat
Sharpened Candy Cane
Gingerbread Formonger

  • Lose

You get nothing.

Game Position[]

The Wheel is located in the "Fishing Village" which can be found in the West end of the Forest.


When betting there are 4 types of tickets to choose from, each changing with winning percent and price.
Unlucky Ticket
Common Ticket
Lucky Ticket
Premium Ticket.