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"Queen Bee"


The Queen Bee is a one of the game Bosses found in the Forest region. She is considered a "Low Tier Boss" and is fairly easy to summon and kill.


The Queen Bee will be summoned after stealing 3 Honey from the beehive in the Forest. One spawned she will fly near the top of the screen and stay out of your attack range. Every 20-30 seconds the Queen Bee will land on the ground, when landed you will be able to attack her. But if you get close enough she will try to bite you, so you have to be careful.


The Queen Bee has 2 different attacks that she will use during battle.

  • Swarm Attack

During this attack the Queen Bee will summon a swarm of bees to fly around her.

  • Spit Attack

During this attack the Queen Bee will open her mouth and spit out 6 Bees or 2 Angry Bees.


On death the Queen Bee will drop 6-8 Honey. She will also drop a Bee Blade.