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"Large Morphus"
"Medium Morphus"
"Small Morphus"


The Morphus is a dangerous creature found in the Crystal Cave. When killed they split into smaller and smaller versions. Making them very dangerous. They have 3 stages.

  • Large Stage

At it's large stage, the Morphus can only be damaged from the head. Hitting it's back will not damage him. He will charge at you trying to damage you, then quickly turn and walk away with his back facing you. This makes him quite hard to kill.

  • Medium Stage

After killing the large Morphus, he will turn into 2 medium Morphus. Each of these will chase you trying to damage you.

  • Small Stage

After killing a medium Morphus, he will turn into 3 small Morphus. Each of these will act like a Gweed and will hop around chasing you. They don't deal much damage but can be dangerous in groups.


All the Morphus types will attack in the same way, running toward you, trying to touch you with their spiky bodies.


On death Large Morphus will drop 2-4 Raw Morphus Meat.
They also have a 25% chance to drop a Morphus Crystal.

Medium and Small Morphus do not drop anything.