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Gweeds are a rare breed of creature found across many Regions. They will jump and run, trying to avoid contact with you. If caught using a Net they will become friendly and follow you. There are currently 4 types of Gweeds in the game.

  • Green Gweed

He is found in the Forest. He will jump and run from you.

  • Blue Gweed

He is found in the Crystal Cave. He will run and hide from you.

  • Magenta Gweed

She is found in the Hills. She will dart in random directions trying to escape.

  • Yellow Gweed

He is found on the Island. He will Hop and Jump away from you trying to escape.


Gweeds can't attack.


On death Gweeds will drop a jelly of their color.
Possible Drops are Green Jelly, Blue Jelly and Magenta Jelly.