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Furnaces are commonly found in villages. They do not belong to anyone, so they are free to use. Keep in mind every furnace looks different. When you open a furnace all available items that you can cook or smelt will show up. Items you cook in a furnace will show up in every furnace you visit. The time it takes to cook/smelt an item depends on the item. Bigger things take longer. Smaller things take shorter.

Game Position[]

Currently there are three furnaces in the game one in each of the locations below.

  • Farming Village

Located East of the Forest.

  • Jungle Village

Located in the Jungle.

  • Hills Village

Located in the Hills.


Furnaces are used to cook food and smelt materials. Generally you will be able to smelt any raw meat you get. You can also smelt certain objects such as Clay. Another use for the furnace is lighting your items such as a Torch or Cigar.