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The Creep is a mysterious formonger who is know for lurking around in the shadows. He sets up greed traps and tries to catch criminals. If you steal any of his Money Sacs he will hunt you. If he is hunting you, each night there is a 50% chance that he will be at your house. When you spot him your vision gets effected and creepy music begins. If you get too close he will run at you with his knife. If he gets close enough he will call out "You stole my Money" before stabbing you. If you get stabbed by the Creep you will be sent to the Hell Dream. You will also loose all your current money. All your money will go into a sac and appear behind the watermill when you wake from the Hell Dream. If you take the money you will again initiate the Creep to stalk you.

If you have no money or debt when the Creep catches you, he will take 50 gold coins anyway adding you even more debt.


The best way to face the creep is to keep only 1 gold coin on you. That way after he steals it, he is happy with his money and you don't loose much.