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"Ancient Jelly"


The Ancient Jelly is a one of the game Bosses found in the Sunken Temple.


The Ancient Jelly will be summoned as soon as you enter his chamber. After a few seconds the entrance door will close and the fight will begin.


The Ancient Jelly has Three different attacks that he will use during battle. His Ink attack, his Electric attack, and his Produce attack.

  • Ink Attack

During this attack the Ancient Jelly will shoot globs of ink for roughly 10 seconds, these ink blobs will fly in random directions and explode into small ink bits on impact. This is a very dangerous attack because it is quite hard to dodge.

  • Ink Burst Attack

During this attack the Ancient Jelly send a burst of Ink flying in all directions. The best way to dodge the attack is to attack his projectiles.

  • Produce Attack

During this attack the Ancient Jelly will produce 5-7 Mini Jellys who will chase after you.


On death the Ancient Jelly will drop 8-12 Jelly and a Skeleton Key.
To access his treasure room, you will need to take the Skeleton Key and put it in the chest at the beginning of the Sunken Temple this will give you access to his treasure room.

Inside the treasure room you will find these items.
Legendary Sword.
Star Banner.
25 Golden Berries.