The Adventures of Tree Wiki
Icon Name Description
A Little Blue Friend Catch the Blue Gweed.
A Little Green Friend Catch the Green Gweed.
A little magenta friend Catch the magenta Gweed.
Accomplice In Crime Bail the Hobo out of prison.
Airship Engineer Complete all quests from Master Mclean.
Bad planning Kill a mini florp with a wooden sword.
Bridge Builder Complete all quests for the Builder.
Chef's Helper Complete all quests from Chef El Franko.
Cozy and Warm Equip the Boarskin hat.
Crabby Slayer Kill 5 Crabbies in a single playthrough.
Double Jump Get the Candy.
Dreamer Visit Dream Land
Flower Hunt Complete all quests from the Florist.
Flying Colours Have all the three types of butterfly at the same time.
Green and slimy Clear the swamp of it's frogs.
Half Life Get reduced to using a crowbar.
Hawaiian Party Complete all quests from the hawaiian girl.
Helmet of Victory Kill The Florp General Boss.
Honey is yummy Eat some honey.
Hostile pet Bring a crow home with you.
Jubilee Jam Complete all quests from Frank.
Jump of Faith Get the watermelon.
Level 10 Reach level 10.
Luck Earn 40 coins from sheer luck.
Master of the Skies Kill the Pirate Boss.
Money to Spare Buy a total of 10 burgers in a single playthrough.
Old man Eat 100 plums.
Passcode Find out the secret code.
Plagiarism Help start a new line of jam.
Ready to Mine Dress up in full mining gear.
Rich Man Save up a total of 500 coins.
Sailing is fun Complete all quests from the two fishers.
Save the best for last Beat the game with the God Apple in your inventory.
Spicket Glue Complete all quests for the Glue Maker.
Spider Slayer Kill 10 Spiders in a single playthrough.